Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blog Og Magog about nothing

It's not the end of the world. I am not much of a blogger and it shows. The first thing you've got to ask yourself, if you read this, is, what for? I'll tell you there is absolutely no reason to read this blog unless you like to delve into useless facts and information about nothing. What's a boring person to do. I suppose I could try to spruce this up a bit by adding in some action or even some adventure, but unfortunately for you I haven't the words to describe the mundane in that way. I could make it up and tell you about secret missions and terrible occurrences but then there would be no facts or truth. I am a firm believer in delivering truth and facts no matter how limited they might be or how mind numbingly boring they are.

As for the nothing, I do believe you've been reading it. If you've managed to make it this far with out moving on to some other person's more exciting and more interesting blog then your efforts are to be applauded. I don't have a medal or any other prize to give you. If you enjoy torturing yourself in this way then come back, but your family better not come to me about the drooling coma you'll be in after reading nothing for hours on end. I will not and can not be held accountable! If you'd like to spend all of your free time sucking out all the useful information you have in your pretty brain and stuffing it full of empty nothing, then be my guest.

I will try to update this nothing blog soon. Keep in mind that I'm not a very good blogger, so my promise might be empty. Until the next time you want to undergo a bit of torture. so long and keep in touch.

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