Sunday, March 16, 2008

hind sight is 20/20

when i was about eight or nine, i was playing outside one day with my brother and sisters. One thing we liked to do was to jump off the roof. I decided that it would be fun to jump off the roof at this particular time and so I did and landed in a tumble on the ground. precisely at the moment I stood up and turned around a stick hit me in the eye. my brother had thrown it in my general direction, not intending to hit me there, but it had STRUCK me in the eye. i instinctively put my hand over my eye and attempted to shake off the pain. I removed my hand from my eye and tried to open it. Every one knows that after you get something in your eye it's hard to make yourself open it. I succeeded in opening it only to find out that I could see nothing, everything was just black. it was the weirdest feeling to not see like that. after spending a week at the hospital getting my the blood cleansed out of my eye through an IV i had in my arm, i was required to wear a patch for a while. when it was removed i could see OK again. about a year later, my sight was tested, (after I had complained about moments when everything would get a little fuzzy). i was prescribed some glasses. my vision wasn't horrible, just wasn't good. so the doctor and my mom sent me to the rack to pick out some frames. i didn't realize that i was just choosing style, i had understood that i was choosing glasses that i could see best out of, i didn't realize they would insert my prescribed lenses later. Now I look back and think a bout the ridiculous frames I chose and laugh. I must have look rather nerdy in those thick ugly glasses.

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pixiestylist said...

ahahahhaha!! i love this story! it makes me laugh! i can't wait to post a picture of you w/them:) funny stuff. love you babe:)